How are you making this Valentine’s Day memorable?

In case you haven’t already heard, Valentine’s Day is only one week away and just because you’re in college—and most likely on a very limited budget—doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Being in college means being creative with your money and your free time.  It doesn’t mean you have to pretend you can afford an expensive dinner or gift.  Although Valentine’s Day can be stressful and sometimes even nerve-wracking, it’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of the day; spending time with and appreciating the important people in your life. Don’t stress! The holiday’s true purpose is to remind yourself how lucky you are to have these special people in your life—don’t forget that.

Valentine's Day

Your book can help you remember each Valentine’s Day throughout college by writing down what you did, who you were with and where you spent it whether it was in the dining hall or the nicest restaurant downtown. If you received flowers from a special someone, you could even use your book to press them dry and keep them forever.

What thoughtful, creative ideas do you have for making this Valentine’s Day special in college? Who will you be spending it with? We’d love to hear what you’re planning. Feel free to tell us here or send some Valentine’s Day pictures to our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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Enjoying this Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most important days in sports. Every year, college kids across the country flock to the nearest bar, apartment or dorm room with the biggest TV (and biggest spread of snacks) to watch the game. Whether you’re a hardcore sports fan and have been rocking your team’s colors across campus or just watch for the funny commercials, take the time to enjoy this Sunday with your friends. If you’re not so in to the game you could even offer to make some food for your group, or order the pizza. It’s times like these you’ll miss, when getting together is as easy as walking down the hall or across the street to relax and enjoy some good football, commercials and food. In college, there’s no need to impress, and the best parties—which make the best memories—are those with good company.

Who will you be rooting for? Hopefully you and your roommate will be cheering on the same team but if not, enjoy an interesting evening! Make sure you take some pictures and put them in your book so you can remember each Super Bowl throughout college.

Don’t forget: We want to hear some of your great college stories. Post them here on our blog, Facebook or Twitter. The best could win a free College Memory Book.

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A home away from home

For most college students, the place they call home changes each year whether it’s a dorm room, a fraternity house or an apartment. Either way, turning your space into a comfortable one is fun but also has its challenges. Laundry and dishes don’t do themselves, and mom and dad aren’t there to cook a nice dinner or fix that dripping faucet. “Decorating” simply means taping up a few posters and photos, grabbing some college memorabilia and a finding a matching bed set. Friends become roommates (eventually like family) and get-togethers happen at all hours of the day and night. For better or worse, it’s all these things that truly shape classic college living.

This is probably your first taste of life on your own, and it takes time and adjustments to get used to. Learning to survive on your own is one of the most important college experiences, and will only make the transition from college to “real life” easier. Although it will be hard to forget these places, make sure you snap some pictures and write down of your best stories in your book to remind you of the good times you had in the places you came to call home.

What are some of the best memories you’ve made in your dorm or apartment? We want to hear. You can even tweet at us pictures of your place or upload them to our Facebook page.

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Share your best college memory and win!

Everyone will tell you that college is the best four years of your life — and that’s true — but what makes college memorable is different for everyone. You may have met your best friends, discovered your life’s work, met your future spouse or found yourself in a ridiculous situation you’ll never forget.

We believe great college stories should be shared. If you’re currently in college, or remembering college memories of the past, share your best stories with us for a chance to win a free copy of the new College Memory Book.

Post your stories as comments here on the site, share them on our Facebook page or tweet at us. We’ll select our favorite stories as finalists. Whoever shares the best stories will receive their own copy of The College Memory Book.

OK, let’s hear ’em…

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Returning from Winter Break? How has your campus changed?

Does your campus look different in the winter? Add your winter memories to your book.

Students returning from winter break may discover that campus looks quite different in winter months. Has your campus been covered in snow? Capture a few photos for your book, especially if you come from a warm climate and this is your first winter away from home. You won’t want to forget your first snowball fight or sledding experience!

If you go to school in a warm weather area but come from a snowy hometown, add your pics and thoughts about winter without snow to your book. Someday you might be shoveling your driveway and warm yourself with these memories!

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