Work it!

Not only will your courses demand a lot of your time and effort, but in order to survive (and have some cash for the weekends) you’ll most likely need to find a job. At first, it may seem impossible. With classes all day and work to do all night, it might seem hard to fit in any hours at a job. But unless your parents will be depositing into your account on a weekly basis, you’ll have to find a way—and it’s really not all that bad. If you’re school offers your work-study, USE IT! Work-study jobs are all over campus, and only hire kids with busy schedules so they’re always willing to work around you. They also understand that if you’re at work and you’ve completed all your tasks, you’ll most likely whip out a textbook or finish typing up a paper. Wasting your work-study opportunity is like throwing the money in the trash, so do a little searching and you’ll probably be able to find a job doing something related to your major or that interests you.

If you don’t have work-study, there are probably tons of stores and cafes near campus that are hiring. They also rely on college kids to fill these positions, so they’ll be flexible too. Remember: Although it may seem like it, your weekends are not only for lounging around. Put yourself to work and make some money! You’ll be happy you did.

Write down the jobs you’ve had each year in your book and how much you made so that you can look back fondly at the days when 20 bucks was all you needed to get you through the week.

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March Madness memories

On Sunday you scrambled to fill out your bracket, filling it out slowly as you took time to think through each match up strategically. Now, you’re plopped in front of the TV; bracket in one hand, pizza in the other, waiting to see who moves on and whether or not you can say to your friends, “Told ya so.”

The time has come. March Madness is here and it’s in full swing. It becomes a lifestyle for college kids across the country, but it certainly doesn’t stop for most of them once they leave campus. Whether your school is a number one seed or not even on the map, March Madness is a great time to bond with friends and share your love of the game.

Your book will help you remember all of these crazy days in March. Paste in your brackets from each year and a little blurb about your picks. Whether your predictions were perfect or completely off, you’ll have them all to look back on for years to come.

Who’s gonna take it all this year? Do you root for the underdog or go with the safe bets? Tell us here or on Twitter (@collegememories).

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Your life’s playlist: The college years

We’ve all got songs that take us back to certain times in our lives and trigger all sorts of memories.  Your college years are certainly no exception as music plays all over campus at parties, tailgates, performances and even classrooms.

Maybe it’s a Classic Rock ballad that takes you back to the nights you spent at the dive bar near campus. Maybe it’s a loud Hip-Hop track that sends you right back to the dance parties you and your friends held in the dorm every Friday night (which eventually lead to some write-ups by your RA).There’s no doubt that the soundtrack to your college years will be awesome, so use your book to jot down your favorite songs from each year along with the artist and album. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you even got to see some of the artists perform live.

You’ll never want to forget what you listened to. Plus, you’ll be able to play DJ when you and your friends get together post-graduation to relive the glory days. Just think: one day these songs will be the “oldies” your kids listen to—scary!

What would be the first song on your college soundtrack?

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Get out there!

Most likely, your school will host all kinds of events including concerts, games, plays and guest speakers for little or no cost. These events are a great way to get out, have some fun and meet new people. They’re also a great way to expand on the basic education you pay tuition for by gaining some great insight. Guest speakers can offer valuable advice for various career paths and experiences in different fields of work. Musicals, sporting events, plays and other performances are a great way to spend a weekend night and support your fellow students (you’ll probably know at least one person on the team or in the cast!). It’s important to take advantage of all of these opportunities while they’re right on campus. You’ll be surprised to find that there are usually a bunch of events happening every night.

Your college years are meant for exploration, so make sure you get out and see as much as you can. Your student center or student publications will likely announce upcoming events so that you can plan ahead. Use your book to help you remember all of these events, what you learned and what you saw by pasting photos and programs or recording quotes. You’ll be grateful that you had all of these opportunities and experiences that opened your eyes to new people and things.

What kind of campus events does your school offer? What are your favorite? Tell us here!

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Share your study stories

It’s true: studying and doing work is a huge part of college. You’ll have challenging courses that will demand a lot of your time and bStudyingrainpower. For freshmen, this can be hard. Managing a busy schedule, heavy course load and life on your own is definitely difficult—but it’s possible and will make up some of your fondest memories.  You’ll quickly learn the study methods that work best for you, how to manage your time, and where you do your best work. Some people prefer study groups, others hate them. Some people head straight to the library, others study in front of the tv. 

The important thing to remember is that getting a degree and succeeding academically is really why you’re at school, and you have to do what’s best for you. Although a social life is also very important and a major stress-buster, getting your tuition’s worth requires really immersing yourself in your work. Don’t forget, there are tons of kids on campus who are experienced and can give you great advice on time and stress management.

Write down your favorite study spots in your book to remind you of the late nights you spent working hard. You could also write down your favorite study snacks and drinks that helped keep you energized or even paste in some flash cards or study materials. And of course, make sure record who you were with and the good times you shared together (whether you were actually studying the whole time or not).

What are the best study hideouts on your campus? How do you manage to stay on top of your work and manage everything else going on?

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Beyond the classroom

Getting involved in college is extremely important. It’s one of the best ways to meet new people, fill your free time and expose yourself to new things. Your school most likely offers endless opportunities to do so and it’s probably very easy to get involved. Most schools hold activity fairs or post information all over campus.

Organizations on campus are always looking to expand, and are always welcome to new members. If you’re shy or attend a big university, taking advantage of activities on campus can be especially helpful in breaking out of your shell. It will help make the campus seem smaller, and help you recognize more faces and form closer friendships. Some can even help expand your resume and give you something to talk about in job or internship interviews.

It’s also the best way to continue on with something you loved to do growing up whether it’s playing basketball once a week or giving back to the community. We recommend trying to get involved as soon as possible so that you can eventually hold a leadership position and be part of decision making. Your book will help you remember each organization you belonged to on campus, what you did and how it shaped your college experience. Photos, flyers and work samples can also be pasted in.

What are you a part of on campus? How has it opened doors for you?

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First template ready to go

With Spring Break just around the corner for most of you, we’ve made sure you’ll be ready to record your memories when you get back with the new template designed for your book. Print it out, paste it in and add some photos and stories of your vacation. The template will help you organize your thoughts, prompting you to fill in things like who you were with, where you stayed and your wildest moment.

Even if you just spent the week at home, write down some of your best memories anyway. Maybe the highlight was just getting to sleep in every day.  Remember, in the “real world” weeks off are hard to come by so enjoy it!

You can find the template under the Templates tab at the top of the page. Let us know what you think!

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Roommates to remember

They can end up being your best friends or just someone you wave to on campus. They can be the person you share everything with or just the person sharing the other half of your room. For better or for worse, roommates are a key part of every college experience.

Freshman year, you’ll probably be placed with a random student or matched by your school based on a short questionnaire. For the following years, you’ll most likely be able to choose friends to room with; making every day more fun and interesting. Rooming experiences will not only teach you how to cohabitate, but basic social skills, respect for others and most likely how to deal with some confrontation. Whether you’re living in a dorm room the size of a closet, or a house off-campus, your roommates will be a major part of your life; sharing food, movie nights and making memories. In the end, it’s the people you share your space with that can make it feel more like a home, even if you don’t stay best friends forever. Your book will help you remember every roommate you had throughout your college years, where they came from, and the best times you shared together.

We want to hear some of your favorite memories of past roommates (good or bad). Did your first impressions last or were they quickly forgotten? Tell us here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Life in the classroom

ClassroomThere’s no doubt that on your path to graduation, you’ll have some favorite courses and professors. Of course, you’ll probably also realize there are some you don’t like so much. Either way, you need them to get your degree and to be able to find your name on a diploma so you might as well put forth your best effort.

What makes a course great is always different. Maybe it’s a professor who always said the right things, or fascinated you with their insights. Maybe you loved the material or the classmates you ended up with. Maybe it was just a nice escape from the rest of your daily routine. Contrary to popular belief, the most important part of college is attending classes, absorbing information and figuring out some way to apply it in your future.  Your book can help you remember which classes you loved (and hated) whether it was Beginning Scuba or Calculus 500. It can be easy to forget course and professor names but your book will help you remember all the important stuff about each course you took. That way, you can always look back at all your hard work. You’ll also be able to tell future students which courses to sign up for and which to avoid at all costs.

Have you taken a college course or met a professor that has really changed your outlook on your career or life in general? Have you taken one that made you want to just drop out? Tell us your stories here.

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Remembering your favorite spots on campus

It only takes a few weeks for each college freshman to figure out all the best places to go on and around campus. Although a big campus (and maybe even a new city) may seem overwhelming, upperclassmen and advisors can help you out. Or, even better, you can do some exploring and figure it out for yourself.

College is a place to try new things, and to discover where the best hangouts and hideouts are on and around your campus.  You most likely chose the school you did because you felt it had a lot to offer, so don’t be afraid to explore on your free time to sample the local cuisine, shopping and nightlife. You’ll quickly figure out the best spots to eat dinner, meet up with friends for coffee and spend a Friday night. Your book will help you remember these places forever by prompting you to jot down your memories and paste in photos, menus or anything else you’ve saved.  That way you can make sure you stop back again when you visit campus post-graduation to reminisce.

Where are the best hangouts on your campus? Which place will you miss the most when you’re gone? Let us know here or on out Twitter or Facebook pages.

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