Sleep still matters

It happens every semester: finals come along and sleep becomes the last thing on your to-do list. You stay up late editing papers and cramming for exams, and usually have to wake up early to continue the next day. The problem is, without enough sleep, your brain won’t be able to function as well as you hoped– leading to a not-so-great grade on your exam and some dark, dark circles under your eyes.

It’s hard to remember that sleep really is necessary in order to get things done efficiently when grades are your highest priority, and you’ve realized that you probably should have done a bit more studying earlier than a few days before the test. However, sleep is completely necessary– finals or not– in order for you to do your best, feel good and move forward. Eight hours is ideal, but if that seems impossible, shoot for six. Your body and mind will thank you. Fitting in enough time for sleep is part of time management and organization, you’ll get better as you move through your college years and understand the demands at the end of each semester.
Although late nights can be frustrating, they’ll most likely also be some of your fondest memories and hopefully, your hard work will pay off. Just don’t forget about your body’s basic needs. Your book can help you remember the late nights you spent in the library studying (or maybe just procrastinating) in the library.

How have you learned to manage your time and fit in a full night’s sleep? Share your advice here or on Twitter (@CollegeMemories)!

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