Hit the town!

Although your college campus will become a familiar, exciting second home, be sure not to include its surrounding city or town in your college experiences. Going to college in a big city makes this easy. Your campus is integrated into an urban lifestyle, forcing you to walk to streets and spend your weekends exploring. However, a lot of colleges are located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farmland or random small towns, making campus somewhat of a bubble, and keeping college kids comfortably secluded.

Whether you go to school in a major metropolis or what seems like a ghost town, there’s no excuse not to explore what your surroundings have to offer by leaving campus. Although it might be easy to get into a routine and forget anything else even exists past the campuses borders, there could be a lot of fun, interesting things to see and do. Even the smallest of towns have hidden gems like delicious restaurants, Mom and Pop stores and getaways. Even grocery shopping can be an adventure. Not sure where to go? Ask some local professors or residents, they’ll be glad to tell you the best places to spend a Saturday afternoon or night. You’d hate to leave your years at school without making sure you’ve seen everything…so do it!

Your book can help you remember every experience from your college years, including the ones off campus. What does your college town offer that can’t be beat? Tell us here or on Twitter (@CollegeMemories).

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