It’s Friday, which means the weekend is upon us. Weekends are not only the few days you get to take a break from class and a busy schedule, but let’s be honest, they’re the time when the best memories are made. You get to relax and spend time with your friends, socialize, and SLEEP. You get to take a deep breath, get your mind and things together and allow yourself to enjoy some laziness. Although the weekend and all of its perks will come along every week for the rest of your life, your weekend will most definitely be especially special and memory-making in college.

Yes, it’s a little cliché—the college kid goes wild on Saturday night—but weekends at school are exciting, different and well, interesting. Saturdays and Sundays are the best when you’re spending them doing something you enjoy like hanging out with friends, watching movies or just mindlessly surfing the web. Even if you’ve got some work to catch up on, the weekend allows you to take your time and get it done.We all know what Friday and Saturday night are for but the truth is, at college your opportunities for the weekends are endless. You can be as creative as you want, maybe by finding a concert on campus or throwing a theme party. Or, you can be as simple as you want. Some of the best nights are spent in, relaxing and maybe getting some late night junk food delivered.

Your book will help you remember the best of times: the weekends you spent letting loose at school and creating some of your most memorable moments. Make sure all of those pictures you snap end up inside its pages—you’ll definitely want to relive these times as best you can.

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