Only a few weeks left!

For those of you graduating, time is surely winding down. Most graduations are taking place in just a few short weeks. Although it may seem hard to believe– embrace it. Make the most out of the next few week that you can. Snap photos at every chance, get outside and enjoy the warm weather and immerse yourself on campus more than you ever have before. Take advantage of your campus culture, the people you surround yourself with and all of the great things that come along with being a college kid. You’ll never get back the classrooms or the hangouts but it’s even worse to look back and think that you could have done more. Enjoy every minute. If you’re lucky enough to have a few more years to go, make sure you really soak in every minute because time flies!

Use your book to jot down all of your thoughts during this stressful/fun/exciting/intimidating time. It only comes around once. And most importantly: Congratulations!

What are some of the ultimate memories you’ve made on campus? Tell us here or on Twitter (@collegememories). We love to hear your stories.

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