Managing your ‘double life’

After graduating high school, it’s hard not to feel like you’re leaving behind an old life—your friends, your family, and the place you grew up—everything is about to change drastically as you meet new people, make new friends and find yourself in a completely new setting.

So how do you find a balance? How do you keep in touch with the ones you love back home while still forming new, exciting relationships at school? How do you remember that “home is where the heart is” when you’re immersed in such an exciting, new place? It’s tough, but it can be easy if you just figure out what works best for you. It’s important that you embrace your college experience for what it is. Take advantage of the fact that, in a way, you get to start over and experience new things with a fresh outlook. Don’t let anyone hold you back. This is your time to figure out who you are, where you came from and where you want to go. However, keeping in mind of the people and places that have got you to this point is also extremely important.

A few suggestions:

-Keeping a Facebook thread going with your friends from home, but let them know you won’t be able to chat on the phone every night

-Letting your parents know you’ll call them on certain nights of the week

-Hanging photos around the dorm of friend and family

-Taking advantage of your breaks at home to catch up with old friends

-Arranging weekend get-togethers with friends at nearby universities

-Video chat with friends and family when you get some free time for a more personal conversation

 Your book may not be able to help you remember so much about your life pre-college, but it can certainly help you remember all of the great people you met and experiences you had. How did you find a balance between home and school life? Share with us here.

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