Making this summer matter

Ahhh, summer. Over three months to relax, enjoy the comforts of home and soak up the sun– or is it? With the job market becoming more and more competitive, college students have found that working hard at a job or internship over the summer is just as important as keeping grades up and working hard throughout the school year. Internships or general experience in your field of choice is extremely important to have when it comes time to graduate and make career decisions. Hands on experience will only put you further ahead of your competition and give you experiences to speak to while interviewing. Plus, you never know which connection could lead to a full-time position after graduating.

If nothing else, internships are a fantastic way to figure out which field of work you think you’ll enjoy the most. They also give you a taste of what “real life” work is like (scary, we know). Although many internships are unpaid, it’s important to figure out ways to make it work– think of it as an investment for the future. Working part time can help you make ends meet and fix this problem but be prepared for a busy schedule. Preparing for this early in the school year will make things easier as well.

Although it would be nice to take a few months off to relax, being prepared for the future is even nicer. Your College Memory Book can help you document your experiences so that you can look back and remember what you learned and who you worked with.
What have you learned from your internship experiences? What advice would you give to underclassmen just starting on the internship trail? Tell us here or on Twitter (@CollegeMemories).

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