Doing good

Although you  might feel pulled in every direction with your busy schedule, it’s really important to try your best to get involved on campus and the surrounding community. Not only does it introduce you to new things in the area and allow you to meet great people, but you’ll feel great doing it. Volunteering is the best way to know and see that you’re giving back, contributing to make your surroundings better and help others. Your school most likely offers a million different ways to get involved. There are tons of organizations that recruit on college campuses (for example, Habitat for Humanity or Relay for Life) , weekly events and even courses or internships on that can give you great experience. Whether it’s 15 minutes a week or 15 hours a week, everything counts. Every second of your time makes a huge difference to organizations, charities and people.


Your book will help you remember all the great things you did for others whether it was fundraising for an event or taking the time to mentor other students. Write down what you did and who you did it with to remind yourself how great it feels to contribute to a good cause. That way, you’ll be sure to keep up the pattern post-graduation. And hey, what goes around comes around…

How do you stay involved on campus? What has been one particular project or cause you’ve worked on that you’re proud of? We want to know! Tell us here or on Twitter (@collegememories).

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