Dining Hall 101

Depending on your school, your dining hall may be an amazing place to grab a bite to eat, or a place you go just to grab a bland, boring meal. Although dining halls have stepped up their game over the years, it can still be a frustrating experience. Here’s how it usually works (unless you’re one of the lucky ones with the fantastic dining halls): At first, you’re blown away by all the choices. Pizza? Stirfry? Deli? Salad bar? All in one place? The opportunities are endless, and certainly more exciting than your mom or dad’s standard meals. After a few months, you’ve tried everything and figured out what’s the best and what tends to leave you with a nasty stomach ache. You get into a routine, eating the same thing multiple times per week, maybe switching it up with some desserts. Eventually, the food starts to taste even more bland, the meals get boring and you’re basically sick of every option. Without your own kitchen and a very limited budget, however, the dining hall is pretty much your only option for food every day.

Yes, dining halls can get frustrating. The food usually isn’t that healthy and the options get old—really quickly. However, it’s just another part of the college experience. If nothing else, dining halls are one of the best ways to meet new people, and bond over daily meals. Just try to eat the healthiest, best tasting meals you can and be sure to switch up your choices. Hopefully, your dining hall has hired some great chefs to cook up some relatively healthy, tasty dishes.

How have your dining hall experiences been? Would you rather forget or remember them? Tell us here or on Twitter (@CollegeMemories).

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