Your life’s playlist: The college years

We’ve all got songs that take us back to certain times in our lives and trigger all sorts of memories.  Your college years are certainly no exception as music plays all over campus at parties, tailgates, performances and even classrooms.

Maybe it’s a Classic Rock ballad that takes you back to the nights you spent at the dive bar near campus. Maybe it’s a loud Hip-Hop track that sends you right back to the dance parties you and your friends held in the dorm every Friday night (which eventually lead to some write-ups by your RA).There’s no doubt that the soundtrack to your college years will be awesome, so use your book to jot down your favorite songs from each year along with the artist and album. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you even got to see some of the artists perform live.

You’ll never want to forget what you listened to. Plus, you’ll be able to play DJ when you and your friends get together post-graduation to relive the glory days. Just think: one day these songs will be the “oldies” your kids listen to—scary!

What would be the first song on your college soundtrack?

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