Work it!

Not only will your courses demand a lot of your time and effort, but in order to survive (and have some cash for the weekends) you’ll most likely need to find a job. At first, it may seem impossible. With classes all day and work to do all night, it might seem hard to fit in any hours at a job. But unless your parents will be depositing into your account on a weekly basis, you’ll have to find a way—and it’s really not all that bad. If you’re school offers your work-study, USE IT! Work-study jobs are all over campus, and only hire kids with busy schedules so they’re always willing to work around you. They also understand that if you’re at work and you’ve completed all your tasks, you’ll most likely whip out a textbook or finish typing up a paper. Wasting your work-study opportunity is like throwing the money in the trash, so do a little searching and you’ll probably be able to find a job doing something related to your major or that interests you.

If you don’t have work-study, there are probably tons of stores and cafes near campus that are hiring. They also rely on college kids to fill these positions, so they’ll be flexible too. Remember: Although it may seem like it, your weekends are not only for lounging around. Put yourself to work and make some money! You’ll be happy you did.

Write down the jobs you’ve had each year in your book and how much you made so that you can look back fondly at the days when 20 bucks was all you needed to get you through the week.

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