The world through your eyes

In the past few years, studying abroad has become almost mandatory for college students. With more and more schools offering amazing programs, and a world that seems to be getting smaller, students jump on the chance to spend a semester (or more) abroad in a foreign land.

­The bottom line is this: If you study abroad, you will not regret it. You will also most likely never have the chance to explore for months at a time again. Sure, your friends might be back on campus, enjoying the simple life that college offers, but you will be seeing the world. How often will you be able to take weekend trips to another country? Talk with strangers about their culture? Eat delicious delicacies in the streets of ancient cities?

Studying abroad most definitely one of the most important and influential learning experiences a student can have. There is simply nothing like it. You’ll make new friends, learn quickly how to live in a new place, hear stories from some of the world’s greatest professors and most likely fine tune a foreign language. If finances or nerves seem to be getting in the way, planning ahead can help. Talk to other people who went and figure out how they did it. Your school will offer all kinds of resources to make sure you go if you really want to.

The memories you’ll have from studying abroad will last a lifetime. Use your book to paste in some of your photos—you’ll most likely have hundreds—and to write down your favorite places and the amazing things you saw. That way, when you go back, YOU can be the tour guide!

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