March Madness memories

On Sunday you scrambled to fill out your bracket, filling it out slowly as you took time to think through each match up strategically. Now, you’re plopped in front of the TV; bracket in one hand, pizza in the other, waiting to see who moves on and whether or not you can say to your friends, “Told ya so.”

The time has come. March Madness is here and it’s in full swing. It becomes a lifestyle for college kids across the country, but it certainly doesn’t stop for most of them once they leave campus. Whether your school is a number one seed or not even on the map, March Madness is a great time to bond with friends and share your love of the game.

Your book will help you remember all of these crazy days in March. Paste in your brackets from each year and a little blurb about your picks. Whether your predictions were perfect or completely off, you’ll have them all to look back on for years to come.

Who’s gonna take it all this year? Do you root for the underdog or go with the safe bets? Tell us here or on Twitter (@collegememories).

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