Get out there!

Most likely, your school will host all kinds of events including concerts, games, plays and guest speakers for little or no cost. These events are a great way to get out, have some fun and meet new people. They’re also a great way to expand on the basic education you pay tuition for by gaining some great insight. Guest speakers can offer valuable advice for various career paths and experiences in different fields of work. Musicals, sporting events, plays and other performances are a great way to spend a weekend night and support your fellow students (you’ll probably know at least one person on the team or in the cast!). It’s important to take advantage of all of these opportunities while they’re right on campus. You’ll be surprised to find that there are usually a bunch of events happening every night.

Your college years are meant for exploration, so make sure you get out and see as much as you can. Your student center or student publications will likely announce upcoming events so that you can plan ahead. Use your book to help you remember all of these events, what you learned and what you saw by pasting photos and programs or recording quotes. You’ll be grateful that you had all of these opportunities and experiences that opened your eyes to new people and things.

What kind of campus events does your school offer? What are your favorite? Tell us here!

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