Roommates to remember

They can end up being your best friends or just someone you wave to on campus. They can be the person you share everything with or just the person sharing the other half of your room. For better or for worse, roommates are a key part of every college experience.

Freshman year, you’ll probably be placed with a random student or matched by your school based on a short questionnaire. For the following years, you’ll most likely be able to choose friends to room with; making every day more fun and interesting. Rooming experiences will not only teach you how to cohabitate, but basic social skills, respect for others and most likely how to deal with some confrontation. Whether you’re living in a dorm room the size of a closet, or a house off-campus, your roommates will be a major part of your life; sharing food, movie nights and making memories. In the end, it’s the people you share your space with that can make it feel more like a home, even if you don’t stay best friends forever. Your book will help you remember every roommate you had throughout your college years, where they came from, and the best times you shared together.

We want to hear some of your favorite memories of past roommates (good or bad). Did your first impressions last or were they quickly forgotten? Tell us here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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