Remembering your favorite spots on campus

It only takes a few weeks for each college freshman to figure out all the best places to go on and around campus. Although a big campus (and maybe even a new city) may seem overwhelming, upperclassmen and advisors can help you out. Or, even better, you can do some exploring and figure it out for yourself.

College is a place to try new things, and to discover where the best hangouts and hideouts are on and around your campus.  You most likely chose the school you did because you felt it had a lot to offer, so don’t be afraid to explore on your free time to sample the local cuisine, shopping and nightlife. You’ll quickly figure out the best spots to eat dinner, meet up with friends for coffee and spend a Friday night. Your book will help you remember these places forever by prompting you to jot down your memories and paste in photos, menus or anything else you’ve saved.  That way you can make sure you stop back again when you visit campus post-graduation to reminisce.

Where are the best hangouts on your campus? Which place will you miss the most when you’re gone? Let us know here or on out Twitter or Facebook pages.

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