Life in the classroom

ClassroomThere’s no doubt that on your path to graduation, you’ll have some favorite courses and professors. Of course, you’ll probably also realize there are some you don’t like so much. Either way, you need them to get your degree and to be able to find your name on a diploma so you might as well put forth your best effort.

What makes a course great is always different. Maybe it’s a professor who always said the right things, or fascinated you with their insights. Maybe you loved the material or the classmates you ended up with. Maybe it was just a nice escape from the rest of your daily routine. Contrary to popular belief, the most important part of college is attending classes, absorbing information and figuring out some way to apply it in your future.  Your book can help you remember which classes you loved (and hated) whether it was Beginning Scuba or Calculus 500. It can be easy to forget course and professor names but your book will help you remember all the important stuff about each course you took. That way, you can always look back at all your hard work. You’ll also be able to tell future students which courses to sign up for and which to avoid at all costs.

Have you taken a college course or met a professor that has really changed your outlook on your career or life in general? Have you taken one that made you want to just drop out? Tell us your stories here.

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