Beyond the classroom

Getting involved in college is extremely important. It’s one of the best ways to meet new people, fill your free time and expose yourself to new things. Your school most likely offers endless opportunities to do so and it’s probably very easy to get involved. Most schools hold activity fairs or post information all over campus.

Organizations on campus are always looking to expand, and are always welcome to new members. If you’re shy or attend a big university, taking advantage of activities on campus can be especially helpful in breaking out of your shell. It will help make the campus seem smaller, and help you recognize more faces and form closer friendships. Some can even help expand your resume and give you something to talk about in job or internship interviews.

It’s also the best way to continue on with something you loved to do growing up whether it’s playing basketball once a week or giving back to the community. We recommend trying to get involved as soon as possible so that you can eventually hold a leadership position and be part of decision making. Your book will help you remember each organization you belonged to on campus, what you did and how it shaped your college experience. Photos, flyers and work samples can also be pasted in.

What are you a part of on campus? How has it opened doors for you?

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